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Traction Machines
Control Panels
Emergency Rescue Device
Automatic Doors
Semi-Automatic Doors
Door Retiring Cams
Door Locks
Guide Rails
Landing Boards and Call Boards
Travelling Cable
Wire Rope
Light Screen
Other Accessories

Other Accessories
Name: Motor Foundation Pads

Name: Shoe solid 16mm

Name: 5 Party Intercom

Name: 3 Party Intercom

Name: Emergency Power Supply

Name: Hollow shoe

Name: Spare Parts 1

Name: Spare Parts 2

Name: Heavy Duty Hydraulic Buffer

Name: Single Buffer Rubber Type

Name: Double Buffer Rubber Type

Name: 3D Sensor with Power Box

Name: Safety Gears

Name: Voice Announcement Systems

Name: Suspension Rods

Name: Overload Control Systems

Name: Motor Protection Relay

Name: Blower Fan (Branded Lifts)

Name: Access Control System Turkey

Name: Access Control System China

Name: Emergency Siren